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Lilia Sport Luxury

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The Lilia philosophy is simple:

To create the perfect hybrid of fashion and function for the modern day woman who likes to conquer it all. When she is not setting new records in the fitness studio, she is hitting record sales numbers. When she is done running her morning miles, she is running the next fortune-500 company.

About Lilia

Our handbags are fashionable, functional, and ethically sustainable.

Lilia firmly believes that the future of fashion should be ethical and sustainable. The success of our designs comes down to the ethically made, sustainable, and durable materials.

Our Vegan Leather

Every single Lilia bag is crafted with microfiber non-animal leather. Unlike typical Polyurethane, or PU materials that begin to flake, peel, and fall apart with repeated use, the vegan microfiber leather was created to be durable, and perform in all of the areas where PU falls short. Microfiber vegan leather is often used where lasting-performance is a must, including shoes, furniture, airplane and automobile seating, and sports gear. It is tear and abrasion resistant, cold-resistant, and non-fading.

An added benefit to our Vegan bags is that our material will not absorb odors, moisture, or acidic materials like a typical leather or PU material. You will never have to worry about the rain, snow, sleet, or any unforeseen spills ruining your Lilia bag.

Our Lining

The lining of our bags is comprised of 100% recycled materials, an ethical and sustainable choice that limits any harm to our ocean ecosystem.

Recycled nylon is often made from rescued ocean waste, and recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, some post-consumer waste, such as old clothing, is also used in our material blend, diverting the clothing from ending up in landfills.

Our unique lining is woven with recycled yarns that have been treated with zinc-oxide. Unlike traditional textile treatments using powder based solutions, our yarns are treated with liquidized zinc-oxide elements and have all the benefits embedded into the yarn. These yarns work to actively prevent any odor build up over time in your bag from shoes or sweaty athletic wear. This also helps to limit any bacterial growth from happening. It also is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. These yarns will not lose their anti-odor and anti-bacterial effects over time like traditionally treated materials.

Sport Style Sustainably.

We’re committed to high-quality, long-lasting items, and sustainable practices. That’s why we are excited to allow our past customers to resell their pre-loved Lilia products.


Check out the awesome items our past customers are reselling.


Do you have pre-loved Lilia items you’re no longer using? Give them new life by reselling with us!

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